Vitallium® Partial Frameworks

As a dentist, you need a reliable dental lab that can provide you with customized, high-quality partial frameworks. That’s where Dutton Dental Concepts comes in. Quality materials are important, but quality designs are crucial. We have over 45 years of experience designing frameworks to fit any need, including implant and attachment options. We provide dental offices with premium dental solutions that you can be proud to offer your patients. To learn more or to get started, reach out to Dutton Dental Concepts today.

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Economy RPD

Includes basic cast partial frame and Artic economy teeth, setup, tryin, and pour/cure acrylic processing. One free reset included if necessary. Partial design must be specified by prescribing Dr. on Rx or on model. (Bite rim (ECB) and/or custom tray not included)


Select RPD

Includes Vitallium partial frame with high strength Ivocap injection molded acrylic processing, Premium Mondial teeth for the best in strength and esthetics, setup, and try-in. One free reset included if necessary. DDC will design the frame (at your request) for free, and also include architecture for future expansion of partial as additional teeth are lost to avoid having to make a new partial (whenever possible) and to help keep future tooth addition costs down.

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Platinum RPD

Hand-characterized Ivocap processed partial dentures custom molded specifically for your patient. These include a Vitallium frame, Premium Mondial teeth for the best in strength and esthetics, setup, and try-in, as well as up to three free resets for challenging cases. DDC will design the frame for free, and also include architecture for future expansion of partial as additional teeth are lost to avoid having to make a new partial (whenever possible). Tooth additions, as well as repairs and even replacements on DDC Platinum RPDs are performed at no charge for the life of the product. (Bite rim (ECB) and/or custom tray not included) With an average cost of $175 per repair/addition, this can save you and even your patients a lot of $ over time. (not actually made from platinum)


Equipoise® Partials

Conventionally designed partials have unsightly hooks which show when talking or smiling. Because of their bulky and poor performance, conventional partials also damage teeth when chewing. Equipoise® partials are designed to combat these implications by protecting your teeth and by showing little or no metal.


Estheticlasp™ Partials

The EsthetiClasp™ provides a more esthetic approach to partial frameworks through a hidden clasp effect, which eliminates the visibility of a metal clasp without compromising strength. The EsthetiClasp® is created with the strength and overall endurance of Vitallium® products and processing, promoting a sturdy assimilation into the attached area.


Precision Attachment Partials

Precision Attachments Partials require an intricacy that can come only from streamlined inter-lab communication and team collaborations. Our skilled technicians work together in-house to provide a multi-dimensional piece that accommodates both engineering and esthetical demands.


Swing-Lock Partial Dentures

A Swing-Lock®-designed partial can stabilize mobile teeth and offer cosmetic enhancements. It can also add or repair facial contouring and work as a hidden clasp design partial where retaining struts are placed below or above the lip reflection lines. Swing-Lock® partials are also used when there is very little undercut to clasp and they are extremely easy to add to in the future. This type of partial evenly distributes load among all supporting teeth, relieves the immediate stress on adjacent abutment teeth (as would occur with circumferential clasping), and passively engages all abutments during mastication.

The typical Swing-Lock® partial utilizes a lingual plate with a labial bar connected by a hinge on one side and a latch on the other. The labial bar and struts, working in conjunction with the lingual plate, lock in and hold the anterior teeth. In many cases, this partial design can actually strengthen the supporting distal abutments because it relieves stress.

A Swing-Lock® design is also beneficial when a bite problem is causing pressure and migration of unsupported teeth, making splinting (stabilizing mobile teeth) necessary. The design allows you to even out the force over all the load-bearing abutments, not just individual abutments. Also, locking the abutments in a stationary position can stabilize the root of the tooth.

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