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Dutton Dental Concepts Inc. Reviews

Dutton Dental Concepts is a dental laboratory that goes above and beyond to offer exceptional dental solutions to dental offices all throughout the United States. From implants and veneers to dentures and bridges, we have the dental solutions you need to provide your patients with the best possible service and care.

Below, you’ll find a collection of reviews from dentist offices that have chosen to partner with Dutton Dental Concepts for all of their dental lab needs. Check out what they’re saying about us and when you’re ready to learn more or get started ordering high-quality dental solutions for your patients, reach out to Dutton Dental Concepts.

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“Communication is the strong point at Dutton. Your willingness to freely share your vast knowledge is a big plus! I appreciate that you take the time to care. You are the most courteous, kind, easy-going, fair laboratory – you guys are the best!”

- Dana Brockington, DDS - Atlanta, GA

“Since teaming with Dutton our productivity and patient satisfaction have soared. With their talents we are creating extraordinary transformations every day. The support we get from Dutton Dental is extraordinary. Most importantly, we trust them.”

- Drs. Bret and John Frye - Marietta, OH

“One of the key essentials for a successful implant and prosthetic outcome is a laboratory where you can simply communicate your technical, functional and esthetic goals. Dutton dental lab has continually showed me the ability to understand these concepts and then deliver the product. What more can I ask?”

- Frederick J. Marra, DMD, MAGD - Cohoes, NY

Since I began my business relationship with Dutton Dental several years ago, my professional life has become less complicated. They offer every service that my patients need, and it's all done well, with great attention to detail. Their technical knowledge and treatment planning abilities are second to no other lab I have ever worked with. And their staff has always given me excellent and accommodating service no matter what predicament I may find myself in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dutton to anyone.

- Joe Lopinto - Manhattan, NY

“After spending an extended period of time searching for a dental laboratory who could provide consistent, quality services, I was introduced to Dutton by an oral surgeon colleague. Now, years later, after sending them my original trial case, I still hold the Duttons in the highest regard, both personally and professionally. They assure smooth, efficient and friendly handling of every case. They are so knowledgeable and skilled that difficult cases become easy and routine cases are consistently perfect. They are willing to share their experiences for improved results on my cases and are enthusiastic in response in providing a variety of treatment options when I am searching for solutions to difficult situations. The only regret I have in my working relationship with the Duttons and their staff is that I did not send them every single case over the last 25 years. Dutton Dental Concepts is an outfit that you can count on and they will not let you down.”

- Richard W. Juhnke, DMD - Union City, MI

The staff at Dutton Dental have made my implant experiences tremendously pleasurable and profitable!! They have assisted me on so many implant cases that initially appeared confusing and intimidating, providing a road map that made sense to both the patient and myself. They were able to give me extremely accurate pretreatment estimates on implant components which provides me, the dentist with the ability to properly set fees to make the case profitable. Furthermore, they never ceases to amaze me with their vast knowledge of the MANY (and believe me there are many) different brands/types of implants. This is invaluable when you are treating a patient that "falls into your lap." To sum it up, their team have far surpassed my expectations for quality and beauty in his restorations. Working with them has made my stress level go down, and profits go up!

Thanks and keep it up,

- Derek Durbin, DMD - Elizabethtown, KY