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At Dutton Dental Concepts, we understand how important it is for the care of your patients and the success of your practice to have access to reliable and innovative dental implant solutions. We use all original equipment by default, so you can be confident that the parts used in your patients' implant restorations are of the highest quality possible, and your warranties will remain intact. We also, upon request, offer a variety of value options for economy cases. You’ll find a fantastic selection of abutments at our dental lab. Learn more by contacting Dutton Dental Concepts today.

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Angled Screw Channel Screw-Retained Crowns And Bridges

The angulated screw channel solution effectively addresses the aesthetic obstacles encountered when implementing screw-retained solutions in the anterior region, while simultaneously enhancing occlusal access in the posterior area. These solutions, readily offered by various implant manufacturers, offer notable advancements in both aesthetic appeal and procedural convenience.

With the angulated screw channel, practitioners have the flexibility to position the screw access hole within a range of 0° to 25° across a complete 360° circumference. This remarkable versatility enables the successful execution of screw-retained restorations in virtually any clinical scenario while minimizing the potential risks associated with excess cement.

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Dutton Custom Abutment

The Dutton Custom Abutment was created to provide natural esthetics when the white wax-up indicates that pink or white porcelain is needed at the cervical. Our abutment yields a seamless appearance to the restoration. With three gingival shades to choose from, a strong and beautiful smile can be made for every patient. Gingival shade samples are available through us, just contact our team, and we will be pleased to send them to you at no charge.

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Zirconia Abutments

By combining esthetics, strength, precision, reliability, and simplicity in one product, the Atlantis™ abutment in zirconia delivers the ultimate solution to clinicians, labs, and dental patients. Atlantis’ proprietary integrated design and manufacturing process provides a patient-specific, multiplatform zirconia abutment that needs no additional modification prior to placement.


Screw-Retained Crowns And Bridges

A fixed, detachable screw-retained crown or bridge implant restoration combines the porcelain crown or bridge and metal abutment(s) into a single piece with a screw access hole for direct attachment to the implant. Once in place, the hole is filled with a tooth-colored composite. These can be made from most materials and can be full contour, hand layered, or a combination of the two.

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Custom And Angled Abutments

Our custom abutments are designed for the best tissue management and emergence profile possible for your patients. They are available in titanium, yellow anodized titanium, white gold, CrCo, or shaded zirconia, and can be adapted as one-piece screw-retained crowns.


Multi-Unit Abutments

With the use of multi-unit abutments, divergence problems between implants can be a thing of the past. Fixed/screw-retained options are available for most implant systems.

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3i® Encode™ Abutments

Encode™ Healing Abutments have codes embedded in the occlusal surface. These codes provide the information necessary for the ideal anatomical design of the final Encode™ abutment. Laser optical scanning interprets these codes off of the cast and enables the design of the appropriate abutment in CAD software. The virtual abutment is then milled to the precise design from a solid piece of titanium alloy. You deliver Patient Specific Restorations® that support soft tissue and have the ideal margin height and natural emergence contours from only an impression of a healing abutment.

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