Why Dutton Dental Concepts Is Your Premier Full-Service Dental Lab

At Dutton Dental Concepts, we are experts in dental restoration and understand how important it is for dentists to provide their patients with beautiful, lasting smiles. We provide high-quality dental implants, bridges, crowns, and veneers, so you can offer your patients the best solutions for a wide range of dental issues. Our full-service dental lab can also fabricate customized solutions. Let us help you give your patients the smiles they deserve with our high-quality dental implants.

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Dental Implant Experts

Dental implants are an increasingly popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. They are a permanent and durable solution that can give you a natural-looking smile. As a dentist, you know the importance of providing your patients with the highest quality care. High-quality dental implants are the best way to ensure that your patients get the best results.

Dental implants are made from titanium and are surgically implanted into the jawbone. The titanium post is then capped with a porcelain crown to replace the missing tooth. High-quality dental implants are designed to be strong and durable and can last for many years with proper care.

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We Use the Highest Quality Materials

When selecting dental implants for your patients, it is important to choose a reputable manufacturer that uses the highest quality materials. The implant should be made from titanium that is grade 4 or better, with a corrosion resistance rating of at least 4.5. The implant should also be machined to exact specifications and have a smooth, polished finish.


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The dental implant procedure itself should be done by an experienced, certified dental professional. They should be knowledgeable about the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that your patient gets the best results possible.

When you provide your patients with high-quality dental implants, they can enjoy the benefits of having a natural-looking smile for many years. They can also enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that their smile is secure and reliable.


Dental Implant Recovery is a Collaborative Effort

High-quality dental implants are an investment in your patient’s health and well-being. You can be confident that you are providing them with the best possible care, and that they will be able to enjoy the results for many years to come.

It's essential to have an experienced team on your side. Dutton Dental Concepts has been providing superior dental solutions for over 45 years, and our expertise ensures the best possible results!

Contact us today to learn more about how Dutton Dental Concepts can partner with you to ensure your patients receive the highest quality dental care available!